Drink: Soju

sojudrinkingIn South Korea the drink of choice is Soju.  My fellow Retrenders blogger Stephen Jang has told me many “Soju Drinking Tales” from his Ktown experience when he lived in LA.  As for me, I rather drink Tequila, but I do really enjoy the flavored soju concoctions like Lemon Soju.  In this new episode of Al-Kee-Hol, host Charlet Duboc goes to Seoul to experience Soju drinking.

Check out:  Munchies – Soju.




  1. anabelsbeautytalk says:

    I really enjoy soju especially with snacks like chips. Although I’m small I have a high tolerance so I can drink a lot of it.

  2. anabelsbeautytalk says:

    I’ll go every now and then since I have a few in my city, plus a korean bar whenever i’m craving restaurant quality korean food. but since my boyfriend is korean, we cook korean food at home too. simple things. ^^

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