Take a Selfie with Museum Art Pieces

3dartmanilacover2Usually snobby art galleries and museums frown upon people taking pictures, but not this museum in Manila, Philippines.  The Art In Island museum features 3D perspective art pieces that are interactive.  You are encouraged to participate and take pictures with the art work.  How fun!

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Food: Eating Celebrities in South Korea

mukbangI’m guilty too of watching videos of people eat, like for me, I admit I watch Ken Domik’s YouTube channel KBDProductions TV.  Munchies foody journalist Charlet Duboc flys to Seoul to look at the hot trend of Mukbang which translates to “food porn” or eating for an online audience.  In South Korea, many of these online eating stars called BJ’s (Broadcast Journalists) are very popular.

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Grab An Espresso & Pet A Sheep

thanksnaturecafeHave you ever thought about ordering a Chai Latte and also petting a live sheep all in the same place?  Well, you can do this in South Korea at The Thanks Nature Sheep Cafe.  Now have coffee & waffles and see sheep roaming around the cafe.

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Food: Colombian Meal in Korea Town

escalalogocoverEating Colombian food in K-town LA.  Say what?  Yupe, have a Colombian meal in Koreatown.  On this episode of Chef’s Night Out they take a look at Escala restaurant and interview chef Chris Oh.  Chris also takes viewers on a Korean food adventure in K-town LA.

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Drink: Soju

sojudrinkingIn South Korea the drink of choice is Soju.  My fellow Retrenders blogger Stephen Jang has told me many “Soju Drinking Tales” from his Ktown experience when he lived in LA.  As for me, I rather drink Tequila, but I do really enjoy the flavored soju concoctions like Lemon Soju.  In this new episode of Al-Kee-Hol, host Charlet Duboc goes to Seoul to experience Soju drinking.

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Frankie’s Garage: Kia GT4 Stinger Concept

kia gt4 stinger conceptThe Detroit Auto Show 2014 is a few days in and Kia known for practical and boring automobiles unveils their GT4 Stinger Concept.  It will be a rear-drive platform at an entry-level price.  I hope so.  The PR reps from Toyota and Subaru say their rear-drive cars, the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, are entry-level, but when you walk out of the door at the dealerships, you are spending upwards of $28,000 or more for “entry-level.”

Freestyle Breaking Session with Project Prepix Asia

freestyle breakingLike Jackie Chan’s “Drunken Master” flicks, this international break crew Project Prepix Asia gets their drink on and shows-off some hip-breaking moves:

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K-Picks: Tonight by SPICA

spicaThe past couple of weeks in our garage office of Retrenders our team was blasting Kpop songs from Kpop girl group Crayon Pop, now we are listening to SPICA.

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Connect Design Multi-Purpose Bag-in-Bag

cute bag oneYes, almost everything can be done with a jazzy smartphone, but if you got make-up, credit cards, cash, stationery items, and just “stuff” your big purse can get a little disorganized and messy.  Now you can grab this Bag-in-Bag from Connect Design.

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Justice League x Kia Sorento

kia justice leaguekia justice league 02Batman may drive a technological advance Batmobile, but what about his Justice League teammates?

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Adidas Unite All Originals – Snoop Dogg & 2NE1

adidas unite all originals

Adidas has been rocking a solid PR campaign with “Unite All Originals” line-up of kicks and apparel wear.

snoop dogg 2ne1

A couple of weeks back, Adidas sponsored a concert featuring rapper Snoop Dogg and Kpop power girl group 2NE1 who are known to rock Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott sneakers and clothing.

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Only in Asia: McD’s French Fry Parties


It’s my French Fry Party!! at McDonalds!! Image via Kotaku.com

These potato parties started out by kids in Japan, since French Fries are cheap, the kids just order a bunch of French Fries at McDonalds.  Now it’s all the rage in Asia, as youngsters order bunches of fries.  I have to admit McDonald’s French Fries are very yummy, but the my doctor would go nuts!  I’m scared to ask for the sodium and calorie count.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Case by Kimono

Apple iPhones may get lots of art/design cases, but not to be left out in the cold, the Samsung Galaxy S3 receives some Kimono love.  Kimono brings out a collection of Japanese-inspired cases for the Galaxy S3.  There are 5 case designs to choose from.

MSRP:  $25.00USD.

Buy these Kimono cases @ Strapya World.

Food: Jajangmyeon

One big yummy bowl of Jajangmyeon!

Jajangmyeon on a rainy day is awesome comfort food.  Check out this big bowl of noodles with black bean sauce!  My mouth is watering just from looking at this picture.  This is one of the most popular dishes in Korea.  Watching Kdramas like Coffee Prince and With Yoo Hee made me want to eat Jajangmyeon all the time!

Black Bean Sauce Noodles

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Free Shipping @ Sasa + Cult Asian Beauty Products

I love this site!

This weekend (3/2 – 3/5) sasa.com is offering free shipping when you order $29 USD and up. Usually they only offer free shipping on purchases $75 USD+ so this is a pretty good deal!

Sasa is pretty much an Asian Sephora that offers everything from low-end to high-end brands. In terms of presence and popularity Sasa is akin to Starbucks as it is literally on every block in Hong Kong.

Sasa is one of my favorite places to buy Asian cosmetics and I’ve been buying from them for years.

If you’re like me and have been pretty unimpressed by the quality of BB Creams by Clinique, Garnier, and other Western brands in general, check Sasa for a bevy of Korean BB Creams that started the craze in the first place! Japanese BB Creams are also highly recommended!

Here’s a list of cult products and some personal favorites from all over Asia!

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