I Like To Eat Episode #2: Chicken on Fire


photo taken by Adrian Domingo

The long awaited 2nd episode to I Like to Eat is here!

On this episode, we visit Chicken on Fire and try some of their signature spicy fried chicken wings. We even get to go behind the scenes and see how their wings are prepared.

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Take a Selfie with Museum Art Pieces

3dartmanilacover2Usually snobby art galleries and museums frown upon people taking pictures, but not this museum in Manila, Philippines.  The Art In Island museum features 3D perspective art pieces that are interactive.  You are encouraged to participate and take pictures with the art work.  How fun!

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Drink: Soju

sojudrinkingIn South Korea the drink of choice is Soju.  My fellow Retrenders blogger Stephen Jang has told me many “Soju Drinking Tales” from his Ktown experience when he lived in LA.  As for me, I rather drink Tequila, but I do really enjoy the flavored soju concoctions like Lemon Soju.  In this new episode of Al-Kee-Hol, host Charlet Duboc goes to Seoul to experience Soju drinking.

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South Korean Eating Voyeurism

cnn the divaIn South Korea, the hot trend is watching people eat online.  Park Seo-Yeon aka The Diva has several thousand viewers tuning-in to watch her eat delicious yummy meals and she reportedly makes around $9,000USD a month.  Am I in the wrong business.

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Hungry for Recipes: Roy Choi’s Simple but Perfect Instant Ramen Dish

roy choi ramen noodlesWho hasn’t had instant ramen?  You are definitely missing out if you haven’t had it.  Well-known chef Roy Choi has perfected his instant ramen dish and it’s simple to make.  And the secret ingredient is:  American cheese.

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Hot Toys and action star Byung-hun Lee

hot toys storm shadow

Hunky international action star Byung-hun Lee drops by Hot Toys Tokyo to take a look at his own Storm Shadow figure.  Byung-hun has played Cobra villian Storm Shadow for the past two films and also look for him in Red 2.

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Lollipop House

Lollipop House 001

This “Lollipop House” from Korean architecture firm Moon Hoon looks tiny in scale, but it’s actually really big inside.  It’s deceiving to the eyeballs.

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Actress Anna Kendrick joins Kpop group F(X)


Exclusive video from Funny or Die has actress Anna Kendrick joining super Kpop girl-group F(X).  I have to admit it’s funny, especially when she’s playing Starcraft.

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Video Interview with comic book artist Jim Lee

The LA Times interviews superstar comic book artist Jim Lee.  Jim talks about how he got into comics with Marvel, his role at DC Comics and much more.

Hit the link to play video:  LA Times Interviews Jim Lee.

Frankie’s Garage: Hyundai Mad Max Elantra Coupe

Image via Uncrate

With the apocalypse so close at hand, it is comforting to know that our car companies has our back. Hyundai might soon introduce the new zombie survival machine equipped with the state of the art CB radio. I’m not sure how you will fuel this thing but at least you will get great mileage for every gallon you salvage. I wonder if these will come in different colors …

Source:  Uncrate – Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine.

Food: Jajangmyeon

One big yummy bowl of Jajangmyeon!

Jajangmyeon on a rainy day is awesome comfort food.  Check out this big bowl of noodles with black bean sauce!  My mouth is watering just from looking at this picture.  This is one of the most popular dishes in Korea.  Watching Kdramas like Coffee Prince and With Yoo Hee made me want to eat Jajangmyeon all the time!

Black Bean Sauce Noodles

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