Arrow: Heroes & Villains

greenarrowcoverEven though I grew up as a Marvel fanboy, I did buy my fair share of DC Comics, but I was never a fan of the Green Arrow.  That all changed when I watched the first episode of Arrow; now I’m addicted to all things Green Arrow.  I’ve actually made trips to comic book stores and bought many of Mike Grell’s legendary Green Arrow run and picked up the underrated trade paperback Green Arrow: Year One by writer Andy Diggle and artist Jock.  Already knee-deep into Arrow’s 3rd Season, this Titan Book’s Arrow: Heroes & Villains release comes in at the right time.

IMG_2005The CW’s Arrow is much like HBO’s Games of Thrones in that it has a plethora of characters within the universe and can get confusing trying to figure out who’s that character and that character.  Arrow:  Heroes & Villains hopes to clear things up a bit with this 176-page Who’s Who character guide.  Over 60-plus bios from the stars, supporting and minor characters are mentioned.  Each character has a quick fact sheet and how it relates to the DC Comics Universe or if the character was just created for the TV show.  The characters in this book recaps the first 2 Arrow TV seasons.


Arrow:  Heroes & Villains is more than just a picture book or one of those skimpy fan guides you find at the grocery store book rack.  If you love watching CW’s The Arrow, then I suggest you pick this book up.  Arrow:  Heroes & Villains will complement your Arrow Wednesday night TV viewing experience and makes for a great reference book.  Now, I got to wait for The Flash character guide book.


Paperback Title:  Arrow – Heroes & Villains

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $19.99USD

Available:  Now

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