Graphic & Logo Design: Hanzi.Kanji.Hanja

hanzibookcoverDesigners and artists interested in how to use contemporary Chinese characters in design, art and logo pieces, may want to check out this reference book from publisher Viction:ary, Hanzi.Kanji.Hanja: Graphic & Logo Design with Contemporary Chinese Characters.

hanzibook00hanzibook01Over 100-plus examples of real works and award winning pieces are collected in the book to showcase how the Chinese characters are used.  The book also looks at the cultural impact and breaking down of barriers.  The growth and popularity of Asian pop culture has expanded the use of Chinese characters in pop culture ads and art.


Title:  Hanzi.Kanji.Hanja

Publisher:  Viction:ary

MSRP:  $39.95USD

Available: Now

Buy it @ – Hanzi Kanji Hanja.

For more information, go to:  Viction:ary – Hanzi.Kanji.Hanja.

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