Hello Kitty Toaster by Cartwheel Kids

hellokittyfaketoasterOMG, this kitchen appliance toy maybe for kids ages 3 and up, but I so want this!  As a Hello Kitty fan, this is cute toy is a must-buy for me.  The fake Hello Kitty Toaster comes with Hello Kitty-shaped toast, tart and waffle, along with a jam jar, knife, 2 butter pieces and a frozen waffle box.

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Food: the Hangover Sandwich – Eggslut

eggslutlogoIf you started drinking Friday night thru Saturday night and hung-over Sunday morning and need something to bounce back?  Then this savory and yummy breakfast sandwich will do the trick.  Restaurant owner/chef Alvin Cailan teaches how to cook his Eggslut breakfast sandwich.

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The Love of Sake

sakejumI love watching this Vice off-beat foody channel Munchies!  Host Yuka Uchida takes her friend around Tokyo to explore the Japanese love of sake.  The girls go sake-hopping learning everything and anything about sake.

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Famous Paintings on Toasted Bread


Artist Ida Skivenes likes to re-create famous paintings on toasted bread and then eats it.  Ida is a super cool foody and you have to check out her Instagram page for more on this eatable toast series.

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Smoko Toaster USB Hub

At first this reminded me of a children’s toy for a five year old but after looking at it a little closer, it brought a huge smile to my face. Not for its silliness, but for it’s cleverness.   Each piece of toast is a 4GB Flash Drive and the toaster itself is the USB hub. The artist took a mundane, everyday appliance and applied a nice amount of wit and charm – I just love the Crisp Toast Flash Drive with the crossed out eyes. The USB Flash Drives come in four designs (Tato, Butta, Ry Ry, and Crisp), while the toaster is equipped with four USB ports and a SD card slot.

Buy these neat USB flash devices @ My Plastic Heart – Smoko Toaster USB Hub.

Manwich: The Eggs Benedict Burger

Eggs Benedict Burger via Werd.com

You only live once and you should probably eat this at least once. It looks delicious with the egg benedict, bacon, and hamburger. It includes a poached egg (chicken!) plus bacon (the other white meat), and a dollop of hollandaise sauce that slides right down. To be honest, my cholesterol level just shot up just looking at it.

For more info, go to:  Werd.com – Eggs Benedict Burger.

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