LOST IN THE SUN – A cultish San Francisco Indie Film

Retrenders - Lost in the Sun - Dan Bernstein - David Moutray - Marcus Sams - Jess Reich

Dan Bernstein (actor), Dave Moutray (director), Marcus Sams (actor) and Jess Reich (make-up)

I feel very fortunate to be one of the crew members of “Lost in the Sun“, a feature film with a mysterious cult happening that takes meditation of body, mind and the discipline of gazing at the sun ritually to transform one’s life. The only catch is that someone has gone missing through the process, and the cult of sun gazers are not exactly your typical sun gazers, and that’s about all I can tell you.

What I can say is that I have experienced a fantastic family-like relationship working with director, David Moutray, and his crew of production people, actors and actresses: Adrian Brannen-Jurgenson, Annabella Mineghino, Arturo Ochoa, Ashley Nichols, Christa Pedersen, Dan Bernstein, Daniel Sullivan, Daniel Tong, Finn Mehmet, Heather Shinn, JL Howarth, Jack Cage, Joseph Daman, Johan Brudi, Josh Rickert, Jennii Vo Le, Jess Reich, Jessica Learn, Livia Demarchi, Marcus Bruno, Marcus Sams, Sarah Curtiss, Simone Warrick, Stephanie L. Loving, Trevor Baker,… Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone.Lost in the Sun - Production & Actors - 02
I have never seen such a small tight net of an “Indie” crew work together so professionally and fun-lovingly, even at its worst moments of stress. And I tell you, at its worst, I can hear straight on complaints that even the director hears being said right behind his back, but he would simply respond, “I don’t know why everyone hates me?” – and the crew would break out into laughter.

And now the purpose of this insightful film being talked about here on Retrenders.
There will be a few events down the line in promoting the film, including a mixer this Monday evening in San Francisco. The members of the crew are spreading the word about their fantastic film that is close to wrapping up and making people in the local San Francisco Indie scene aware of the film, because as we know, there are certain levels of Independent filmmakers; those that are already recognized and well connected so to speak, and those that passionately make films and press to get its film recognized. The Lost in the Sun film project is somewhere in the middle and we want the film to get recognized and get some support, because the film has a unique mysterious storyline that unfolds a cult of sun gazers, and making it has been an ambitious process! If you would love to help – visit the website for upcoming events and donation support.



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