Doctor Who: Four Doctors Collide!

4 doctors 1If you’re a comic book reader veteran, then you’re probably familiar with the usual once-a-year mega cross-over event like in the DC and Marvel Universe.  Well, this summer 2015, Titan Comics will mix-it up with 4 Doctors and 3 companions meeting up in this 5-issue mini-series.  Doctor Who:  Four Doctors #1 (1-5) follows the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors and their companions on a mission against an unknown foe.  The epic crossover-event is written by Paul Cornell (Wolverine) and illustrated by Neil Edwards
(Assassin’s Creed).

doctor who panel 1The adventure kicks-off when the War Doctor and the Voords investigate a down Dalek spacecraft and the mention of a “Time War.”  Next, we are dropped into Paris 1932, and Clara Oswald sees a vision of the future for her Doctor.  Clara is now a mission to meet the other “companions”, while the Twelfth Doctor has other ideas.

Doctor Who fans clamoring for various Doctors joining forces and fighting together will truly enjoy this first issue.  Yeah, I’m geeking out when reading it and seeing how the Doctors and companions interact with each other.  Writer Paul Cornell must have had a blast scripting this out.  And artist Neil Edwards art flows with each panel and pleasing to the eyes, it is a comic book.  If you want a major “event” comic book to read, this check out:  Doctor Who:  Four Doctors #1 (1-5 mini-series).


MSRP:  $3.99USD; 32 pages; Available:  Now.

Buy it @ Titan Comics – Doctor Who: Four Doctors #1.


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