Why a BLADE RUNNER sequel?

The 1982 film was absolutely on point for it’s science fiction noir story taking place in 2019, because we still have neon lights and newspapers! Bladerunner - RetrendersDirected by Ridley Scott , Bladerunner accomplished its look with a raw and real-life edge of art direction and special effects  that we see influencing today’s futuristic films; the modern caper wardrobe intermingled with stylized space-tech outfits depending on the defined identity of the character – to the atmosphere of space age flying vehicles through a sky rise metropolis contrasting the ground level of real city life eclecticism of street cyclist, people walking with umbrellas, to grime that exists in rainwater running down a gutter in a dark alley street. There was no superficiality, but dark romanticism to this futuristic film which made it a cult noir classic.

Question is – will the sequel be just as good, if not better than the original with the advantage of the latest technology of filmmaking – and will the pacing and tone of its story telling continue like the original and not like the fast-pacing action of what today’s films are all about in order to grab the new audience generation that could be seeing Blade Runner for the first time. There are critical dynamics at play for a film when a large studio decides to invest and resurrect a film for franchise after thirty plus years. The one thing I am happy to hear, is that Ridley Scott is the film’s executive producer, because it makes me feel there will be some artistic continuity in the style of Blade Runner story telling.

To get to the question raised in the title above, “Why a Blade Runner sequel?”, because its for the fans. I’m one and have been dying to visually see a continuation of Blade Runner for years.

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