WTF: Emoji Keyboards!

emojikeyboardscoverHaving trouble typing in emoji’s on the keyboard?  Well, it’s about to change.  The emoji keyboards by EmojiWorks.  The company offers 3 types of Emoji keyboards.  If you’re an Emoji rookie, then you’ll probably want the regular Emoji Keyboard that comes with 47 common Emoji’s.  The intermediate Emoji-typists, you’ll probably want the Emoji Keyboard Plus with double the emoji characters.  Now, if you’re the king & queen of emoji’s, then you’ll want the superhero Emoji Keyboard Pro with 120+ emoji’s and many other extras for the knockout punch.


Emoji Keyboard – MSRP: $49.95USD


Emoji Keyboard Plus – MSRP: $74.95USD


Emoji Keyboard Pro – MSRP: $99.95USD

systemrequirementYou can pre-order the emoji keyboards now at EmojiWorks.  The keyboards will begin to ship out this December 2015.

Buy it @ EmojiWorks.

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