WTF: Emoji Keyboards!

emojikeyboardscoverHaving trouble typing in emoji’s on the keyboard?  Well, it’s about to change.  The emoji keyboards by EmojiWorks.  The company offers 3 types of Emoji keyboards.  If you’re an Emoji rookie, then you’ll probably want the regular Emoji Keyboard that comes with 47 common Emoji’s.  The intermediate Emoji-typists, you’ll probably want the Emoji Keyboard Plus with double the emoji characters.  Now, if you’re the king & queen of emoji’s, then you’ll want the superhero Emoji Keyboard Pro with 120+ emoji’s and many other extras for the knockout punch.

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Yulia Brodskaya – Creative Paper Art

Artist Yulia Brodskaya brings together all the things she likes most – paper, typography, and hand-made craft objects, then created some amazing paper-art pieces. The vibrant color is what initially struck me but there is so much more. It’s as if she is able to give her creations life from the paper she uses.

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