Illest SPAM Collection

ilovespamcollection00My doctor says I can’t drink beer anymore and eat SPAM!  What no more SPAM in my life!  No!  Yes, besides drinking good Swedish beer, I like eating SPAM, especially with a bowl of rice, 2 sunny-side eggs, drops of soy sauce and garlic salt, chopped green onions and of course slices of SPAM.  I’m hungry just thinking about this.  Since I’m just eating brown rice, steam veggies and boiled turkey, I rock can rock the Illest SPAM mini-capsule collection for SPAM support.

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Hungry For Recipes: The Ultimate Aussie Burger

aussieburger101Wowhoo!  Hungry for Recipes column or blog or whatever you call it is back.  My fellow Retrenders blogger Stephen Jang blogged about the Aussie burger awhile back (click here to backtrack – Aussie burger), but Sebastian P over at TourRadar (a super travel/foodie blog) directed us to the Ultimate Aussie Burger with the Lot (aka Ozzie Burger).

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Japan Only: Whopper Perfume

flamegrilledOn April 1st, 2015 throughout Japan’s Burger King outlets, it well sell a unisex perfume bottle for one day only.  Clearly, this is not an April Fool’s joke, the fragrance is made to smell like a Whopper burger for men and women.  The “Flame-Grilled” perfume is limited to 1,000 bottles.  The bottle will cost around $42.00USD and comes with a FREE Whopper.

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The Burger Stomper Pro

Burger Stomper

Baseball season is here! Which means summer is almost here! Which means BBQ season is right around the corner! I just love the smell of charcoal on a warm afternoon, and this year, I will be getting one of these Hamburger Stompers so I can stop making all those irregularly-shaped patties. With this, I’ll always have burgers at 6 ounces and slider patties at 2 ounces – making it just the right size for buns plus helping me manage the hamburger meat more efficiently. Now if I can only find a better turkey burger recipe…

MSRP:  $29.99USD

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Manwich: The Eggs Benedict Burger

Eggs Benedict Burger via

You only live once and you should probably eat this at least once. It looks delicious with the egg benedict, bacon, and hamburger. It includes a poached egg (chicken!) plus bacon (the other white meat), and a dollop of hollandaise sauce that slides right down. To be honest, my cholesterol level just shot up just looking at it.

For more info, go to: – Eggs Benedict Burger.

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