Figma Virtua Fighter Figures

FigmaVF01Do you remember playing the classic Sega 3D fighter Virtua Fighter in the arcades?  Relive the video game fighting magic as two popular Virtua Fighter characters Akira Yuki and Sarah Bryant get the Figma action figure treatment.  The 6-inch action figures get the polygon look from the first Virtua Fighter video game.  Each figure comes with various interchangeable hand accessories and display stand.

FigmaVF02Akira Yuki and Sarah Bryant figures will also have an alternative colorway, a 2-player version.  Let’s hope that Figma will release more characters from Sega’s Virtua Fighter series.

MSRP:  $42.00USD (est., each figure)

Available:  September 2016

Buy it @ Figma Akira Yuki.

Buy it @ Figma Sarah Bryant.

Buy it @ Figma Akira Yuki 2P Color Version.

Buy it @ Figma Sarah Bryant 2P Color Version.

Check out:  Good Smile Company.

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