Sega Dreamcast Backpack

dreamcastbag01I remember the Sega Dreamcast being my system of choice.  I played Bomberman and Powerstone 2 all day.  Instead of buying a plain JanSport backpack, why not grab this Dreamcast 2-Way Shoulder Bag?  This is great for Sega Dreamcast fans.

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Kidrobot x Sonic the Hedgehog

krsonic00SEGA’s mascot Sonic gets the Kidrobot 3″ blind box figure treatment.  Each of the Sonic characters is mounted on the iconic gold ring stand.  There are 14 figures including the chase figures to collect.

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Kidrobot x Sonic the Hedgehog

krsegasonic01It was the year 1991 when SEGA launched their video game mascot Sonic the Hedgehog on the world.  Celebrating 25 years this year, SEGA and Kidrobot releases Sonic the Hedgehog Medium Figure with 2 colorway version and is limited to 200 pieces.  The scene is from Christmas Island, the mini-diorama features Sonic getting ready to grab rings.

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Figma Virtua Fighter Figures

FigmaVF01Do you remember playing the classic Sega 3D fighter Virtua Fighter in the arcades?  Relive the video game fighting magic as two popular Virtua Fighter characters Akira Yuki and Sarah Bryant get the Figma action figure treatment.  The 6-inch action figures get the polygon look from the first Virtua Fighter video game.  Each figure comes with various interchangeable hand accessories and display stand.

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The Art of Total War

totalwarcoverThe Total War series has been around for years, it wasn’t until Rome:  Total War that it garnered mass-appeal and sales.  Videogame journalist Martin Robinson takes us on ride from the very humble beginnings of The Creative Assembly studio, the rise of Total War series and glimpses into the future for the Total War franchise with Total War:  Attila dropping on February 17, 2015.   This is The Art of Total War published by Titan Books.

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MegaDrive Megatron vs PlayStation Optimus Prime

megadrivemegatronrobotGet you credit cards ready for more Transformers toy fun.  Take a hit video game console like the Sega MegaDrive aka Genesis and make it transform into Megatron.  The MegaDrive Megatron should be dropping into stores this month.

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Viral Video Friday: [Touhou] Bad Apple! on Sega Megadrive

Here’s something hackable you can do with the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis, just watch this cool video playing:


SEGA: Castle of Illusion back this Summer 2013!


Way back in the 1990s, SEGA released a neat little 2D platformer game with Disney character Mickey Mouse.   The Castle of Illusion side-scroller was a hit game for the Genesis/Mega Drive and found it’s way onto the Master System and Game Gear consoles too.  Two sequels would also come – Land of Illusion (1992) and World of Illusion (1993).

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Geek Out: Sega Master System Sofa

SMS 00

The Sega Master System (SMS) didn’t get the props or sales numbers like it’s rival Nintendo Entertainment System during the 1980s, but I thought it had great games and graphics.  And I still have the system and it still works!!!  Here’s a one-off tribute by French video game blogger Subby-kun and his wife Subbinette.  The sofa is the main unit while the pillows make the two joysticks.

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French Video Game Collector Nets €1 Million Euros

Image via eBay

Andre is a video game collector from France and he was able to sell his video game collection for about $1.23 million USD on eBay.  This huge collection consists of over 7,000 games and 22 game consoles.  Not only did it take him 15 years to finish this collection but he challenged himself to find and buy factory sealed video games.  Now that’s hardcore.

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Bad-@$$ Videogame Room

Really? An Atari Jaguar??? Didn’t it only have like 3 games? LoL.

I am not a hardcore gamer but I am definitely a gamer. The first ever video game that I played was Pong (so u can probably guess how old I am). Then I went through the Atari, Nintendo, Playstation, etc. So when I saw this picture, all I can say was AWESOME. Also this is not some non-functional museum piece – all the systems are plugged in and ready to go! Can you imagine how cool it’d be to just pick out a game on the left hand side and turn on any system and play it?! It’s safe to say, if that did happen, I could probably then die a happy man.

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Peeing Video Game by SEGA

Usually the men’s restroom in public areas are a filthy mess.  But maybe a interactive video game can help men shoot straight.  Video game company SEGA will introduce the Toylet.  You get points for shooting straight.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore or a causal gamer while growing up as a kid but somehow and someway we’ve bought many video game systems over our lifetimes.  I have probably spent over a couple thousand dollars buying and collecting video games for the Sega Saturn alone.  I had everything for the Sega Saturn – I had the US console and also the Japanese “white” edition.  I had the official Sega light guns for Virtua Cop, the 4MB RAM cart for those classic Capcom, and even SNK 2D fighters and shooters.  Plus, I had this crazy cool fighting game – Groove on Fight.  And I had the 3D analog controller for Nights and Burning Rangers.  As you can tell by now I was a Sega fanboy.

I was going through my attic and found that I still had several gaming systems, like the Atari 7800, Sega CDX and Sega Dreamcast.  I still have the sticker price on the Atari 7800 box.  Guess how much Kaybee Toys was selling this system?  $79.00 USD!  Now, after I removed all the cob webs and dusted off the systems, I wanted to get the games I couldn’t get as a kid.  Yes, you can go to eBay or Craigslist to find some old games, but where’s a site that’s more accessible and secure to buy old games now?  Just recently, about 2 weeks ago, opened a brand new store front called the “Retro Gaming Store.”  So now you can buy old video games and gaming systems, and yes, I know Panzer Dragoon RPG for the Saturn is still an expensive game to buy on here, but you can find some other games and systems at reasonable prices.  It’s all about shopping around.  I am glad that Amazon wants to open a Retro Gaming Store, because I don’t really care to shop at Gamestop.

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