Deus Ex: Black Light by James Swallow

deusexblacklightcoverBased on the video game series Deus Ex, this new official “canon” novel Deus Ex: Black Light bridges the gap between the end of the video game Deus Ex:  Human Revolution and prequel to the new video game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.  Author James Swallow who has already penned various Deus Ex original novels starts Black Light like the first Bourne Identity, as Jason Bourne, I mean ex-cop and ex-security Adam Jensen is found at sea and has no memory of his last mission.

Our cyber “augmented” hero Adam Jensen must piece together his past and retrace his steps to find what is going on and all roads lead him back home to Detroit and his former employer Sarif Industries.

It is the year 2029, where a secret group of powerful individuals caused a apocalyptic event on Earth.  The father of ‘augs’ Hugh Darrow found a way to implant a secret biochip in all humans who used cybernetic parts.  The biochip was used to make millions of cyber-humans go crazy causing the “Aug Incident.”  Humans with cybernetic parts are now hated, feared and discriminated.

Adam Jensen finds his hacker friend Frank Pritchard to help his fight and teams up with Interpol’s special elite Task Force 29 to stop the bad guys and in the end joins up with the Juggernaut Collective in hoping the stop the powers that be that started this whole “aug” mess.

Okay, I was not a Deus Ex video game fan and into this world, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this techno-thriller.  I love the world building, the science fiction elements and Bladerunner-style atmosphere.  With author James Swallow familiar with this Deus Ex universe, I felt right at home and wanting to root for the upstart always underdog ex-cop good guy Adam Jensen.  You don’t have to be a Deus Ex video game fan to enjoy this book, definitely if you’re a sci-fi fan, pick-up James Swallow’s Deus Ex:  Black Light for a great thrill ride.


Paperback Title:  Deus Ex – Black Light

Author:  James Swallow

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $7.99USD

Available:  Now

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