Batman: Facts & Stats from the Classic TV Show

batmanPow! Bang!  Hum the theme song!  The 1960s classic Batman TV show was colorful, bright and cheesy.  From Titan Books authors Rian Hughes and Y.Y. Flurch deliver a fun book and design feel of the 1960s Batman TV show.

img_1665Trivia facts:  Did you know Batman, Robin and Alfred appeared in all 120 episodes?  Which villain finds out Batman’s secret identity?  The villain Egghead.  Robin says over 400 “Holy” sayings from the TV run.  All these fun facts and more are in this book.  The book also features classic photos and drawings from the TV series.

img_1666With the upcoming Warner Bros. Animation release of Batman:  Return of the Cape Crusader featuring the classic 1960s TV show, this Batman book fits right in your Batman collection.  Fans of certain age will remember the iconic Batman TV show and the book has that sense of nostalgia when you look at the pages and photos.  This is better than reading facts and stats from Wikipedia.  Buy Batman:  Facts & Stats from the Classic TV Show and you will not be disappointed.


Hardback Title:  Batman – Facts & Stats from the Classic TV Show

Authors:  Rian Hughes & Y.Y. Flurch

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $16.95USD

Available:  Now


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