Mondo’s Marvel Netflix Vinyl Soundtracks

mon03mon04Call me an old fart, but I love my compact discs and vinyl records!  I miss going to the various Tower Records in SF and exploring the import section at the Virgin Megastore on Market Street.  Specialty retailer Mondo known for their movie tribute posters and vinyl OSTs will sell vinyl LP soundtracks from the popular Marvel Netflix shows Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.  The Mondo releases feature awesome artwork and packaging.


By some chance in this space time continuum, you haven’t had a chance to watch these Marvel Netflix show, I suggest you do!  And then by watching, if you fall in love with the music, these are some nifty record collectibles.  So, if you love the smell of vinyl, the artwork, and putting the needle on the record, then get this gift for yourself or nerd friend.

mon01mon02Buy it @ Mondo – Luke Cage OST – 2XLP. ($35.00USD)

Buy it @ Mondo – Daredevil Season One OST. ($25.00USD)

Buy it @ Mondo – Jessica Jones Season One OST – 2XLP. ($35.00USD)

Check out:  Mondo.

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