Vinyl Pulp: Arcane Divination Dunnys


We have been waiting a long time for this Kidrobot Dunny series and it is finally here! Being the first Multi-artist dunny series since 2014, Arcane Divination is curated by none other than the talented J*Ryu and features artwork from himself as well as Camilla D’Errico, God Machine, Jon Paul Kaiser, and Tokyo Jesus.


Each dunny in the series represents a Tarot card from the set of major arcana and might just unlock some of the tarot cards secrets. I have always been fascinated with tarot cards so it is cool seeing them being represented in another form other than just a cards.


Today at Woot Bear, I was able to get an up close look at this series as well as pick up a few of the blind boxes for myself. The best part of buying blind boxes is opening them s of course I had to live stream myself unboxing each one.


If you would like to pick up these dunnys for yourself, be sure to check out and for all of your art toy needs!

Special thanks to Woot Bear SF for allowing me to film my unboxing there, they are where we get all our art toys/vinyl toys from.

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