American Gothic Press and Echo Lake Entertainment to Debut “NICE” at Comic-Con Panel

The comic publisher and film studio will be on hand at the Famous Monsters panel to discuss teaser art and plans for the television-pilot-turned-comic book series.

Comic-Con International gives an impressive platform to both television and comic book news, and thus makes for the most natural environment to announce plans for NICE, a screenplay presented by Echo Lake Entertainment for adaptation into a four-issue mini-series at American Gothic Press.

Originally penned as a pilot with Rockne S. O’Bannon to showrun and John Terlesky to direct, NICE is about two hipster assassins who begin to realize the organization they kill for is attempting to take over the United States. When the grizzled, gun-slinging female detective hunting them down realizes there is a greater evil at play, they join forces to topple the most powerful syndicate in the world.

American Gothic Press is the publisher of world-building genre series such as KILLBOX, BROKEN MOON, and MONSTER WORLD. They frequently collaborate with screenplay writers as part of their yearly Silver Scream Film and Comic Festival, and they recently published adaptations of the original unaired teleplays for Irwin Allen’s classic show LOST IN SPACE (rebooted by Netflix in April).

“We are thrilled to have a template with American Gothic Press that will allow for further collaborations with our clients. This new relationship will provide another interesting avenue clients to bring their ideas and work to life,” said Amotz Zakai, literary manager at Echo Lake Entertainment.

Both American Gothic Press and Echo Lake, along with NICE creators Joseph Ettinger(SANTA CLARITA DIET) and Dagen Walker (ATOMICA), interior artist Marc Rene(OAK ISLAND), and variant cover artists Tula Lotay (ALL-STAR BATMAN) and David Mack (AMERICAN GODS), will be featured on the “Sixty Years of Famous Monsters” panel at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss NICE and debut teaser artwork, including Lotay’s incentive variant cover for Issue 1 (shown below).

The panel is scheduled for 5:30PM on Friday, July 20, in Room 26AB at the San Diego Convention Center.

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