Movie Review: Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

Written by Daiso Mike

The DC movie we do not need but what we deserve.

As I am typing this review, DC/WB just announced the Super Pets. After watching Teen Titans, this shows a possible route the studio is going towards after the many DC films with the mix reviews it had received.

The film starts off with an action introduction and speeds through the exposition of who each of the members are. The story kicks in gear when they realize the lack of attention they get in comparison to the Justice League. After watching a few trailers showcasing Batman’s gadgets, it wear Robin realize they should get a movie of there own.

Coming from a guy who never finished a single episode on Cartoon Network, I enjoyed the non-stop comedy and slap stick action. Seeing Deathstr…I mean Slade as the voluntary antagonist made me feel the action in it was well worth it. The movie goes a route where it breaks the fourth wall and talks about the many aspects of DC (and a bit of Marvel). What is really great about Titans Go! is endless easter eggs and references from previous DC works.

While the film lacked strong emotional down beats, it was mostly great! Without saying too much about the story, I cannot help but think that this was DC/WB trying to reach out to the fans for the mistakes over the years. To me, Titans Go! celebrates everything that we love (and hate) about DC!

A must see even for the ones slightly into DC.

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