Teaching Young Architects with Arckit

arckitdesigncoverMore than just playing with LEGO bricks, Arckit winner of many toy and design awards in 2015, Arckit is about making kids learn design elements, modifying structures and free-form thinking to build amazing houses or buildings.

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FanimeCon 2015: Roaming the Vendor Floor

FanimeCon CoverRamen’s newest member Sayori Chu roams the vendor floor looking for cool stuff to buy.  We take a look at the Panda Hat and Tech Shop booths at Fanime.

Viral Science Video: Liquid 3D Printer Explained

cliptechexplainedOn Friday’s here at the Retrenders’ office, we usually have a Viral Video Friday blog, but today, we have a scientific video showing why science is cool.  This is the next evolution of 3D printers is coming.  The key word to remember, the acronym is CLIP aka Continuous Liquid Interface Production.  Science Magazine explains the new technology which is inspired by the movie Terminator 2.

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