Retro LEGO Builds for ALL!

lego retro building coverIf you ever feel nostalgic about past technological wonders like old video game systems, CRT tube TVs, rotary telephones and what not, and you are a LEGO builder, then check out – Chris McVeigh’s site Building Guides.  I admit I am not a LEGO mad-genius builder, I’m like a Emmet who needs an instruction booklet and details before I can build anything.

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1980s Video Games in the “Real World”

"Jump 'N Run" photo series by Patrick Runte

Photographer Patrick Runte photo series “Jump ‘N Run” takes a look at early video games like Pac-Man, Pong, & Space Invaders and puts them in a real world setting.  The 6 photos in the series just brings a smile to your face.  I need to break out my Atari 2600 from the attic now.

Pac-Man by Patrick Runte

Check out Patrick Runte’s site for more photos:  Jump ‘N Run.

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