Humongous Miniature Train Landscapes

wunderland001Besides the Autobahn and Oktoberfest, Germany also has a neat miniature train museum in Hamburg City.  If you fancy Tyco train sets as a kid, then this miniature model train land is for you.  The Miniatur Wunderland is always expanding every year.  They now have on display 9 city/landscape sections.  This model comes alive with sights and sounds that are run by Miniatur Wunderland employees using specific built computers and software.

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Zero Carbon Housing in Hamburg

hamburg iba 00As the world looks to “green” technology for the future, one city in Germany, Hamburg has for the last 7 years (2006-2013) been part of an zero-carbon building experiment, the International Building Exhibition (IBA).  In the suburb of Wilhelmsburg, you will find many eco-housing developments.

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1980s Video Games in the “Real World”

"Jump 'N Run" photo series by Patrick Runte

Photographer Patrick Runte photo series “Jump ‘N Run” takes a look at early video games like Pac-Man, Pong, & Space Invaders and puts them in a real world setting.  The 6 photos in the series just brings a smile to your face.  I need to break out my Atari 2600 from the attic now.

Pac-Man by Patrick Runte

Check out Patrick Runte’s site for more photos:  Jump ‘N Run.

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