Viral Video Friday: The Science of Coffee

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

It’s all about creating the perfect cup of coffee and I admit I had a $25.00USD cup of coffee.  It was very good indeed, but I’m not a coffee snob.  I rather go enjoy a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.  Check this NPR’s Science Friday feature on coffee.

Friis Coffee Vault

friiscoffeecontainerI have this obsession with keeping coffee fresh. To save money, I’ve been buying coffee in bulk, but my finicky taste for great coffee had me searching for ways to keep it as fresh as long as possible. Recently, the Friis Coffee Vault came to my attention, and this stainless steel container removes any trapped gases that break down and destroy coffee flavor over time. This will be the perfect gift for anyone who, like me, are looking for that consistently tasty brew in the morning.

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Insane Coffee Madness: Death Wish

deathwishcoffeebag00I am a 3 cups-a-day coffee drinker.  Heck, I even own Starbucks stocks because I like coffee so much, so when I saw this advertisement for the world strongest coffee, naturally I was intrigued. The minute you enter the website, there are disclaimers and warnings letting you know this is a highly caffeinated drink. While I was reading comments that this stuff should be illegal, I was already looking for my credit card. It claims to have 200% more caffeine than a typical coffee, hmmm, you know this might make me become too productive at work.

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Bodum Bistro Pour Over Coffee Machine

Okay, I am a caffeine addict and I need my daily dose of coffee.  If you like French-press style with that frothy taste, then check out Bodum’s Bistro Pour Over Coffee Machine.  The cool thing is no more wasting time boiling water with the Bistro’s automatic drip.

MSRP:  $249.99USD

For more info, check out:  Bodum USA.

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