LEGO Star Wars Battle Carousel

battlecarousellegoThis is not your ordinary LEGO Creator Carousel 10196.  This custom LEGO carousel uses a bunch of Star Wars Microfigure sets.  Looks cool!

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Custom LEGO Gundam RX-78-2 Mobile Suit

legogundamjanlegoI always find it amazing what LEGO builders can do with LEGO bricks.  I remember as a kid buying those Bandai Snap-on Gundam models and this custom LEGO Gundam RX-78-2 Mobile Suit looks just like those model kits.  This huge mecha unit is highly detailed with articulation built by LEGO builder JAN LEGO.

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Custom LEGO Chinese Restaurant/Ghostbusters HQ

customchineseghostbusters00One of the most iconic film buildings is the original Ghostbuster’s Firehouse HQ.  With the new girl-power Ghostbusters flick is coming, LEGO fan-builder Eric Duron aka Baronsat builds a new custom Ghostbusters HQ with the Chinese Restaurant.

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LEGO Back to the Future Custom DeLorean

backtofuturelegocoverThe Back to the Future movies have the DMC DeLorean an iconic star and just for October 21, 2015, here is a custom LEGO flying 2015 DeLorean Time Machine by Brian Williams.

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The Book on Custom LEGO Technic Builds

technicbookcoverPawel “Sariel” Kmieć day job is a graphic designer, but moonlights as a master LEGO Technics builder.  Based out of Warsaw, Poland, Pawel is a fan favorite with a legion of YouTube fans and has been featured in many magazines and news articles.  His new book “Incredible LEGO Technic: Cars, Trucks, Robots & More!” takes a look at the world’s best fan created Technic builds.

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Lego Tribute to the “Hunger Games”

The Reaping from District 12 Lego-style.

It’s Hunger Games Mania this week!  Here’s a cool custom Lego build of a scene from the “Hunger Games.”  Check out Brian (Atin)’s Flickr site for more info, photos and how he built the District 12 set:  Grim Reapings.

Custom LEGO Builds

Custom Hikari Gunship by Mark Stafford.

This custom Lego Hikari Gunship looks really cool.  Check out custom toy builder Mark Stafford’s Flickr site @ Lego Nabii.


Major Kusanagi & her Tachikoma tank by Cole Blaq.

Okay, this is really cool.  If you are into anime and a fan of “Ghost in the Shell” – check out these custom built Lego toys – Major Kusanagi and her Tachikoma tank.  These custom Lego builds are by Cole Blaq.  Check out more pics, other custom builds, and details @ Cole Blaq’s Flickr and his blog @ Cole Blaq.

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