It’s Small World in My Jewelry Box

talwst01It’s truly a small world in your hands with this mixed-media creations by artist Talwst.  What if you find yourself opening up a jewelry box and instead of a sparkling ring or beautiful necklace, you find an incredible detailed miniature diorama?  Well, that’s art and it looks so cool.

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Jay Tsujimura: DSLR Bling Bling Jewlery

bI’m all for adorning myself with certain blings. Bling for my fingers and neck is a must – though the verdict is still out on bling for my teeth and other unmentionable body parts. What about bling for the camera? I love my camera but it never occurred to me to adorn it with jewelry. I have to give these guys creative points for going where no one has ever thought of. The designs are very masculine and definitely wouldn’t mind having them as rings or necklaces.

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