The Star Wars Royal Selangor Collection

starwarsroyalselangorRoyal Selangor is known for making quality pewter jewelry and accessories, and this new Star Wars Collection looks amazing.  If you’re looking for a special high-end gift for that Star Wars fan, then this just might do it.

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It’s Small World in My Jewelry Box

talwst01It’s truly a small world in your hands with this mixed-media creations by artist Talwst.  What if you find yourself opening up a jewelry box and instead of a sparkling ring or beautiful necklace, you find an incredible detailed miniature diorama?  Well, that’s art and it looks so cool.

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The Most Expensive 2015 Disney Calendar

frozencollectionI really enjoyed watching Disney’s animated feature Frozen and of course the song “Let It Go” sung by Idina Menzel.  Frozen fans will buy anything and everything related to the flick, and this is for wealthy Frozen fans, I guess the upper 1%.  This ain’t no regular calendar you find at Barnes & Nobles discount rack!  This is a platinum-studded Frozen calendar that costs $835,800USD, okay wait … take a breath.  Yes, $835,800USD.  I can buy house for this!

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J Crew: Jewels Collection


Accessories can make or break an outfit, you might want to check out J Crew’s Jewels Collection.  The jewelry line-up features bright vivid color necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.  The prices start @ $38.00USD and up to $495.00USD.

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GUESS Spring 2013 Women’s Lookbook

guess001The look and theme is sexy blue for Guess’s Spring 2013 Women’s Collection.


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Geekcore Jewelry by RockerDollJewellery

If you’re looking to rock nerdy-style jewelry with your outfits, head to RockerDollJewellery.  Hailing from England, Stephanie Allen designs handmade jewelry.

This necklace is a Hunger Games fan must-have.

Mockingjay Pin Pendant Necklace

MSRP:  $19.72USD

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Doughnut Engagement Rings by Tammy Young Eun Kim

Does your significant other have a sweet tooth?  What about engagement rings inspired by doughnuts?

Sprinkled Doughnut Engagement Ring 2010 by Tammy Young Eun Kim

The doughnut rings were designed by LA-based artist Tammy Young Eun Kim.

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