It’s Small World in My Jewelry Box

talwst01It’s truly a small world in your hands with this mixed-media creations by artist Talwst.  What if you find yourself opening up a jewelry box and instead of a sparkling ring or beautiful necklace, you find an incredible detailed miniature diorama?  Well, that’s art and it looks so cool.

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J Crew: Jewels Collection


Accessories can make or break an outfit, you might want to check out J Crew’s Jewels Collection.  The jewelry line-up features bright vivid color necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.  The prices start @ $38.00USD and up to $495.00USD.

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Muichic: Organic & Sustainable Jewelry

Accessorize your summer outfits with “green” in mind.  Muichic (moo-ee-sheek) is a company that produces handmade jewelry that is organic and sustainable from Colombia.  Muichic makes necklaces, rings, wrists bracelets, and earrings from this native tropical nut called – tagua.  Tagua nut can be found throughout South America rainforests.

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