If Mercedes Benz and Lamborghini Had Mated

Image via SteelDrake Blogspot

So far, this is still just a concept but designer Steel Drake can sure make a car-loving grown man drool. Production cars borrow heavily from concept cars and this design gives us a glimpse of where Mercedes is heading towards the future. There are some similarities to the Lamborghini from the hard sharp lines at the door and also the bottom vents in the front, but the front grill and logo is unmistakeably Mercedes. Though no matter how much influence is drawn from either car company, this is still one SICK looking car.

For more images, go to:  Steel Drake Mercedes-Benz SF1.

Smooth, Supple and … FAST!!

O.K….so the sleeper hit Drive has recently influenced my being.  I got it.  But, really…who doesn’t want to look cool in a T-shirt, jeans and grease?…and drive fast?

Ryan Gosling’s character, the Driver, exudes the ultimate cool: stoic, manly and kick-ass.  All while wearing a particularly fashionable pair of Gaspar driving gloves, created by Dorothy Gaspar of Hollywood glove-designing fame.

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The Modern Mix-Tape … Totally 80s-inspired!

If you’re looking for a little retro activity in your modern life, try the ol’ school (albeit, with new school equipment!) mix-tape/CD!

I have never been a stranger to music…especially that which is inspired by that beloved era!  So, I recently started grouping different tracks on good ol’ iTunes and cranking out some serious mixes (Soul Sounds, Passion Plays, Calming Classical)…and, now, Electronic Drive!

After viewing the sleek, sexy, soon-to-be-cult-classic, Drive, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, I felt compelled to revert to my music-compiling days….totally 80s-inspired-like!

Photo by FilmDistrict- © 2011- All Rights Reserved

Now, gone (I think) are the days of dual cassette players and cassette tapes.  But, with summer around the corner, what better “I love you, man” gift is better than a CD chock full of choice hits?

“Nightcall” – Kavinsky (feat. Lovefoxxx)

“Under Your Spell” – Desire

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