Frankie’s Garage: GT-R N Attack Package @ 2015 SEMA

nissannattackpackNissan has released various special editions of it’s GT-R in over the years, now comes the 2015 NISMO Nissan GT-R N Attack Package available in U.S. through aftermarket tuning company Stillen.  This ultimate track package GT-R variant attacked the famous German track Nürburgring in a record 7 minutes and 8 second lap time.

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Frankie’s Garage: The Ford Focus RS is Coming!

fordfocusrsThe rumors are true, the Ford Focus RS looks to dominate the hothatch world with global release.  No more Front-Wheel Drive, but this RS will be All-Wheel-Drive system.  EVO mag takes a look inside at the all-new Focus RS 5-door hatch.

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BMW M Series Mouse

We all know that BMW knows cars. Just test drive a car from the BMW M Series and you will be convinced that this company knows what they are doing because it is one sweet ride. But BMW designing a computer mouse? From what we can see, The Level 10 M Gaming Mouse seems to borrow features from their car engineering brethren – a focus on functional elements, creative design, and innovative aesthetics.

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Turn a Mercedes-Benz Dashboard into an Office Desk!

South African home designer Katie Thompson teams up with Mercedes-Benz and takes an old SL car interior dashboard and turning it into a useable office desk.

Check the in-depth article about Katie’s project with Mercedes-Benz at:  Business Insider.

If Mercedes Benz and Lamborghini Had Mated

Image via SteelDrake Blogspot

So far, this is still just a concept but designer Steel Drake can sure make a car-loving grown man drool. Production cars borrow heavily from concept cars and this design gives us a glimpse of where Mercedes is heading towards the future. There are some similarities to the Lamborghini from the hard sharp lines at the door and also the bottom vents in the front, but the front grill and logo is unmistakeably Mercedes. Though no matter how much influence is drawn from either car company, this is still one SICK looking car.

For more images, go to:  Steel Drake Mercedes-Benz SF1.

New Fabric for 2011 – Made from Milk!

qmilchFashion designer Anke Domaske creates a new fabric for clothing apparel makers – it’s made out of milk protein – called Qmilch.

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