UD Replica Batman Backpack

dark knight backpack

We here at Retrenders is the one stop shop for everything a superhero ever needed – we brought you the zombie survival machine, the dark knight motorcycle suit, and the samurai umbrella sword. Now we got the The Dark Knight Rises Leather Motorcycle Backpack for all those little gadgets a superhero might need but it wouldn’t fit onto the utility belt, such as your bottle water, some chap stick, an mp3 player (you know, while you’re waiting for the baddies), your tablet, and many other items you wanted to carry while out on the town. These backpacks were featured in both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, has room for up to four 16 oz water bottles, and is made from form molded leather over motorcycle-grade body armor.

MSRP:  $300.00USD

For more info, go to:  UD Replicas – Batman Backpack.

Protect Your Thumbs with Freehands Gloves


The thumb was of great importance for human evolution. Sorry guys, beer brewing or building monster trucks are not as important since the thumb enabled us to hold tools, climb, hitchhike, and now, more importantly, text stupid messages to your homies. With this glove, you can protect your hands and fingers while having the thumb and forefinger free for touchscreen devices so that you can still surf in sub-freezing temperatures. What’s unique for this glove is the use of finger caps so that when you’re done texting or surfing, you can put your fingers back in the glove and keep them toasty.

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Fujifilm XF1 – the sexy digital camera.

Fujifilm has just launched the XF1 – their line of sexy stylish point-and-shoot digital cameras.  It has all the basic bells and whistles of any typical point and shoot digital camera, so you are basically paying for the fake leather … I mean the faux leather.

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Get to Work … in Style!

Do you find yourself working around the house, in the garage, or behind a bar…in need of a rugged, stylish piece of utilitarian art?

Moore & Giles, a purveyor of leather and fine goods, has created another fashionable find for the urban or rural worker bee.

Leather Work Apron in Baldwin Oak

This vintage-inspired leather apron works not only as a fitting homage to the craftsmen of yore, but also serves as a truly functional piece of urban “uniform.”  Think bartender (ahem….”mixologist”), woodworker, or clothing salesman!

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Smooth, Supple and … FAST!!

O.K….so the sleeper hit Drive has recently influenced my being.  I got it.  But, really…who doesn’t want to look cool in a T-shirt, jeans and grease?…and drive fast?

Ryan Gosling’s character, the Driver, exudes the ultimate cool: stoic, manly and kick-ass.  All while wearing a particularly fashionable pair of Gaspar driving gloves, created by Dorothy Gaspar of Hollywood glove-designing fame.

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