Metroid: The Sky Calls by Rainfall Films

metroidjessiscachobotWhen you take a 15-minute break from your workstation today, check out this short fan-film by Rainfall Films.  If you’re fan of Metroid and Nintendo in general, this will get your geeky blood pumping.  This Metroid fan film is a re-imagining of what it would look like if it was a live-action film starring Jessica Chobot and directed by Sam Balcomb.

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Fan Film: Dragon Ball Z actor Anton Bex

dragonballzOur Ramen & a Half host Eddie Ballar does a mini jam session with the talented Anton Bex.  We sit down and talk about his latest project, the fan film Dragon Ball Z:  Light of Hope.  Anton plays “Future Gohan” in this YouTube web series.

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Fan Film: The Dark Knight Legacy

red hoodRed Hood on film!  Well, this is a fan-made film, but it’s pretty darn entertaining.  If you’re a fan of DC Comics’ Batman universe you will probably enjoy watching this short directed by Brett Register.

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Viral Video Friday: Wonder Woman Fan Film

This is stunt veteran/director Jesse V. Johnson’s fan short film for DC Comics’ Wonder Woman.  It’s really well done with high production values.

For more info, click the link:  Wonder Woman short film.

Punisher Fan Film by Thomas Jane

dirtylaundryThe Punisher is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel universe, and was first introduced in the pages of Spider-Man in the 1970s and afterwards having his own ongoing comic book series in 1987 with writer Mike Baron and artist Klaus Janson.  Marvel green-lit 3 films for the Punisher, the first film had action star Dolph Lundgren; the second film starred actor Thomas Jane; and the third, titled Punisher:  War Zone, starred Ray Stevenson.  All three of the films weren’t big hits at the box office or with critics, so actor Thomas Jane wanted to make his own version of  a Punisher film.  It’s gritty and violent – and that’s the Punisher.

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