Fan Film: The Dark Knight Legacy

red hoodRed Hood on film!  Well, this is a fan-made film, but it’s pretty darn entertaining.  If you’re a fan of DC Comics’ Batman universe you will probably enjoy watching this short directed by Brett Register.

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UD Replica Batman Backpack

dark knight backpack

We here at Retrenders is the one stop shop for everything a superhero ever needed – we brought you the zombie survival machine, the dark knight motorcycle suit, and the samurai umbrella sword. Now we got the The Dark Knight Rises Leather Motorcycle Backpack for all those little gadgets a superhero might need but it wouldn’t fit onto the utility belt, such as your bottle water, some chap stick, an mp3 player (you know, while you’re waiting for the baddies), your tablet, and many other items you wanted to carry while out on the town. These backpacks were featured in both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, has room for up to four 16 oz water bottles, and is made from form molded leather over motorcycle-grade body armor.

MSRP:  $300.00USD

For more info, go to:  UD Replicas – Batman Backpack.

Viral Video Friday: LEGO Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Cool Dark Knight Rises trailer made with LEGOs!

Bat-Cave Inspired Home Theater

Do you want this in your house?  Heck yeah!  My own Dark Knight man-dungeon.

Image via WERD.

Oh, wait a minute … I can’t afford this – It’s a cool $2 million USD for this.
Source:  Werd – Dark Knight Themed Home Theater.

The Batman Symbol

The ever-changing iconic Batman symbol through the years:

Image via Pop Chart Lab

Check out:  Pop Chart Lab.

Ink Splatter Superhero Art

Artist/designer Arian Noveir has taken splatter art digitally and instead of abstract, he uses pop culture superhero icons.

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