Frankie’s Garage: Hot Wheels Ford Fiesta Drift Short

snowkhana5legohotwheelsIt’s Snowkhana 5!  This fun stop-motion short film has the Hot Wheels 1/64 scale die-cast car drifting around toy town.

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Viral Video Fridays: “Girl on the Escalator” Short Film

girlonescalatorAmerican poet and writer Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) known for his outspoken commentary on everyday people living in Americana gets a short film based on one his poems.  Filmmaker Kayhan Lannes Ozmen opts for a visual short from Bukowski’s short story collection “Notes of a Dirty Old Man” poem “Girl on the Escalator.”

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Viral Video Friday: Eggplant – Animated Short

eggplantanimatedshortThis is a not-so typical photo shoot for the kid named Durian.  This UCLA Animation Workshop thesis film “Eggplant” by director and animator Yangzi She has a certain charm and emotional drive to it.  If you have time, definitely watch this animated short.

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Metroid: The Sky Calls by Rainfall Films

metroidjessiscachobotWhen you take a 15-minute break from your workstation today, check out this short fan-film by Rainfall Films.  If you’re fan of Metroid and Nintendo in general, this will get your geeky blood pumping.  This Metroid fan film is a re-imagining of what it would look like if it was a live-action film starring Jessica Chobot and directed by Sam Balcomb.

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Short Film Series: New Romantics

herefilmThis is not Taylor Swift’s “New Romantics” song from her 1989 album, but a short film series by filmmaker An Rong Xu.  “New Romantics” is a series of one short film per month by An Rong Xu.  Episode is entitled: Here, starring Nicole Tung.

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Viral Video Friday: 850 Meters Animation

knightIf you have some spare in your cubicle today, check out this animated short film about a wacky knight trying to save a princess, but the jokes on him in the end.

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Sci-Fi Short Film: CONTROLLER

“Love is to be experienced, not controlled” – Ralph Ellison III

the controller 00A girl with Jean Grey (Phoenix) type powers is trapped and she uses her powers to control her boyfriend in helping her escape.

the controller 01

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spaceboundA little boy and his dog in spacesuits fly around outer space.  Check out this cute short animation by Ellen Su and Kyle Moy.

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Street Fighter Stop-Motion Fun

sf stop motion

This Street Fighter-inspired stop-motion animation short “Maker vs Marker” is by Jonny Lawrence and music by Brian Sadler.

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Viral Video Friday: Wonder Woman Fan Film

This is stunt veteran/director Jesse V. Johnson’s fan short film for DC Comics’ Wonder Woman.  It’s really well done with high production values.

For more info, click the link:  Wonder Woman short film.

Space Commander Sneakers

This video is pimping French sneaker label Feiyue’s new line of kicks.  The stop-motion video was done by Julien Vray.

Viral Video Friday: Nissan Family Inheritance

A father’s last will request – a super speed auto race around the family’s grounds and the winner will collect the inheritance.

Sean Soong’s SubWars

Watch this neat animated short “SubWars” by Sean Soong.  Inspired from a mix of anime and Star Wars.

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