Pin-up Artist and Illustrator – Nicole Brune at BigWow Comicfest

Nicole Brune - Pin-up Artist Illustrator - RetrendersI’m a fan of Frank Cho’s, “Apes and Babes”, illustrations of women. And when I came across Nicole Brune’s art, I can definitely say if you love his work – you’ll undeniably love hers!
I especially love how Nicole Brune fashions some of her pin-up illustrations with pulp-fiction fantasy appeal that works from darkness to sweetness, or sweetness to darkness. I guess this would depend on what you notice first. See her artwork at

Interview with Artist Frank Cho @ Big Wow! Comicfest

spidergwencoverLike artist Adam Hughes, comic book artist Frank Cho also has a knack for drawing sexy female superheroes and villains.  Ramen host Ramon Angel catches up with Frank at Big Wow! Comicfest 2015 talking about his latest projects and the “Spider-Gwen” internet buzz.

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Big Wow! ComicFest 2014

BW003I’m still recovering from this past weekend’s Big Wow! ComicFest convention at the San Jose Convention Center.  The Ramen and a Half guys went hunting for autographs, but also grab interviews with artists, cosplayers and fans.

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Big Wow! ComicFest May 17-18, 2014 San Jose

bigwowcomicfest2014This upcoming weekend here in the SF/Bay Area is one cool geek-fest – the Big Wow! ComicFest.  The two-day convention kicks-off May 17-18, 2014 weekend at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA.  Unlike other comic-book conventions I won’t name that have gone super Hollywood, Big Wow! remains the same as the headliner is all about comic books, the artists and writers in the industry.  Many notable artists will be there like Frank Cho, Neal Adams, Mike Mignola, Greg Rucka, just to name a few.

It’s safe to say Retrenders will be at Big Wow! ComicFest!  Our Ramen & A Half team Eddie Ballar and Ramon Angel will grab interviews and highlights from the event.  Look for our videos on the Retrenders YouTube channel.

Here our some of our videos we did last year from Big Wow! ComicFest 2013:

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The Big Wow! Comicfest Wrap-Up!

Retrenders - Eddie Ballar & Ramon Angel - Johnny MorenoYes, it was a long weekend for the Ramen crew, but here is an “End-All” rundown on what “The Eddie” and Ramon have accomplished at Big Wow Comicfest. And not to mention, being a bit silly and fatigued from a long adventurous weekend.

Hosts: Eddie Ballar and Ramon Angel
Producer: Johnny Moreno
Executive Producer: Stephen Jang

Frank Cho sketches Red Sonia @ Big Wow! Comicfest 2013

BW201307This past weekend @ the Big Wow! Comicfest in San Jose, star comic book artist Frank Cho takes time to talk to the Ramen and a Half crew.

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Big Wow! Comicfest 2013


Our Retrenders crew may be tired and sleep deprived from the Big Wow! Comcifest in San Jose this past weekend, but we hope to bring you exclusive interviews from various comic book artists, cosplayers and other cool happenings from the event, so come back to our site for video updates.

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