Ramen and a Half Podcast: Episode 5

With all the ToysRUs in the United States now closed, we tell stories from our days working at ToysRUs.

Ramen and a Half Podcast: Episode 3

The boys have been very busy during Memorial Day weekend. This episode is all about Fanime and how it went for them.  We also discuss Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee as well as our hopes for E3. Will our predictions for E3 come true or will our beloved game companies just let us down again? Let us know what you think and tune in next week for our post E3 episode!

Ramen Redux

Ramen and a Half is back!  We decided to revive our original podcast as a new webcast where we talk about some of the latest in nerd news all while playing a random video game and of course while doing it all Live! So don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe and catch it all here on Retrenders.com!

The Big Wow! Comicfest Wrap-Up!

Retrenders - Eddie Ballar & Ramon Angel - Johnny MorenoYes, it was a long weekend for the Ramen crew, but here is an “End-All” rundown on what “The Eddie” and Ramon have accomplished at Big Wow Comicfest. And not to mention, being a bit silly and fatigued from a long adventurous weekend.

Hosts: Eddie Ballar and Ramon Angel
Producer: Johnny Moreno
Executive Producer: Stephen Jang

Interview with Voice Actor – Darrel Guilbeau

The Ramen Crew caught up with Darrel Guilbeau at FanimeCon for a one on one interview on voice acting for Anime.  Retrenders - Johnny Moreno - voice actor Darrel GuilbeauHe has been a voice actor for several anime series such as Durarara!, Nura, and even video games, and continues to take on new projects. The Ramen crew completely sees Darrel doing just about anything – not just anime, but television comedy to film. He’s completely down to earth and has a kid-around personality.

Recorded May 25th 2013 at FanimeCon.
Host, The “Eddie” Ballar with Co-host, Reyson Sioson.
Produced by Johnny Moreno.

Alodia Panel Interview CUTS 2 : The Mistress of Cosplay

The Ramen crew felt a bit like a paparazzi, though we haven’t exactly dodged crowds, leaped over people, or body-checked anyone aside at any convention yet!  The only thing we managed to dodge are off topic questions, loud hand-clapping and voices that over powered us from hearing our subject, Alodia Gosiengfiao FHM.Retrenders - Johnny Moreno - Alodia Gosiengfiao Ramen and a HalfIn this segment we get plenty of new surfacing information about our Mistress of Cosplay.

So here’s Panel Interview CUTS 2 – raw and lightly cut – which means I did very little editing. So it’s
STRICKLY FOR THE FANS to hear first hand answers from Alodia herself :

– Her Cosplay beginnings
– What she likes about being a Cosplayer
– Her stumbled upon opportunities
– Video Game influences like Final Fantasy
– Cosplay pointers
– Her first reaction as Guest of Honor at AX 2013
– The Fan that came all the way from Germany to see her
– Costume making
– Her make up – her eyes & contact lens of choice and why?

Alodia Panel Interview CUTS: Finally we get some answers!
ANIME EXPO 2013: Sleeping Cosplay? Batman & Spiderman duo? Mortal Come back?
AX 2013: Adventure Time & X-Men Cosplayers Collide
AX 2013: Captain Falcon & Crew!
ANIME EXPO 2013 : In line to see Alodia and we meet Kirito & Asuna Cosplayers
ANIME EXPO 2013 Masquerade: Thomas Depetrillo’s EVA-01
Jessica Nigri : Part 1 of 3
Jessica Nigri : Part 2 of 3
Jessica Nigri : Part 3 of 3
ANIME EXPO 2013 Masquerade : Ornament Tree Wings
Hey Hey Alodia from ANIME EXPO!

Each story is not just an interview, but one of the many interesting and entertaining things that happen at Anime Conventions. They’re short, sweet and you might find yourself liking our content!

FanimeCon 2013 This Weekend!!!


Where is the Retrenders team going to be at this Memorial Day Weekend?  We’ll be at FanimeCon from May 24-27 taking place at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA.

For more info, go to:  fanime.com.

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