Deadbeat – Makes You Stronger by Guy Adams


Max Jackson and Tom Harris are not just best friends, but “retired” thespians always looking for a pub or two for a great night out all over London.  Their new drinking hangout is Deadbeat, a cozy jazz bar that Tom bought a few years back after retiring from the theatre business.  Some novellas may want you drinking a nicely brew coffee or tea with biscuits, but for this Guy Adam’s pulp fiction novel, you may just want to grab some beer and chips and enjoy the rollicking adventure.

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Sherlock Holmes – The Army of Dr. Moreau

sherlockholmesbookcoverGruesome murders have been found around the city of London.  Sherlock Holmes’ brother Mycroft, a government agent, tells him of the grizzly findings and a scientist named Dr. Moreau that might be behind this. This time, Sherlock and Dr. Watson will be off on a Resident Evil-style horror/adventure as they face a mad scientist creating half animal and half human species.

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