ILLEST x Voltron

voltronxillestAs a kid growing up in the 1980s and watching lots of cartoons on the tube after school, the animated cartoon Voltron has a special place in my heart.  Just dropped is the coolest of cool collabs – Illest x Voltron.  This mini-capsule collection features kids tees, adult tees, keychains, stickers. and 1 lanyard.

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The Ultimate Voltron Hoodie

voltron hoodie 00

Hoodies are something I like to wear and for those of you who remember the 1980s cartoon Voltron, this is really cool Voltron hoodie.

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MC Frontalot – “I’ll Form The Head”

mc frontalot

My nerdcore hip-hop tune for the week – MC Frontalot with “I’ll Form The Head” featuring Dr Awkward and ZeaLouS1.  A cool tribute to the iconic ’80s Voltron Lions cartoon.

mc frontalot team

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