ILLEST x Voltron

voltronxillestAs a kid growing up in the 1980s and watching lots of cartoons on the tube after school, the animated cartoon Voltron has a special place in my heart.  Just dropped is the coolest of cool collabs – Illest x Voltron.  This mini-capsule collection features kids tees, adult tees, keychains, stickers. and 1 lanyard.


The picks in this collection are the 4 different kids or adult size graphic tees to choose from.  The stickers are cool too, but I’ll forgo the keychains and lanyard, but that’s just me.


Stickers are FRESH.

MSRP:  $30.00USD (adult tee), $20.00USD (kids tee), $10.00USD (keychain), $5.00USD (sticker), $10.00USD (lanyard)

For more on the collection, go to:  Illest x Voltron.

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