Magdalena: Reformation TP

Story: Tini Howard & Ryan Cady
Art / Cover: Christian Dibari
Colorist: Mike Spicer
Letterer: Troy Peteri

For centuries, the Magdalena has stood as the last bastion of Christ’s bloodline, wielding the Spear of Destiny against the forces of evil. When Patience, the current Magdalena, is sidelined in a near-fatal battle with a demon, it falls to her to find her own replacement. Enter Maya Dos Santos—a metalhead community-college slacker—with holy blood in her veins. Collects MAGDALENA #1-4!

Viral Video Friday: Followers

animationzinkThe “Followers” animated short tells the tale of man escaping prison meeting a boy running away from school. What happens next?  Just watch.

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Comic Artist Daniel Parada draws up a dynamic duo of Mayan heroes!

zotz headerDaniel Parada’s comic, ZOTZ: Serpent and Shield, is about the mystical world of Maya. The comic is cultural influenced from Parada’s research of Mayan ancient history where he has plotted themes without the impacts of the Spanish yet?

The tale of Zotz: Serpent and Shield awaits anyone willing to open the mysteries of the comic and walk into a past before Maya was discovered and unravel an adventure with two heroic characters, Pakal and Kaan, who lead us into a world much more phenomenal than we think.

Other than an adventurous story drawn up from historical elements, the comic is full of fantastic art!

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