The James Bond Omnibus Vol. 005

james bond cover Many of you are too young to remember James Bond in daily black and white comic-strips in newspapers back in the day.  Titan Books’ James Bond Omnibus Vol. 005 collects 9 full stories:  Till Death Do Us Part, The Torch-Time Affair, Hot-Shot, Nightbird, Ape of Diamonds, When The Wizard Awakes, Sea Dragon, Death Wing and The Xandadu Connection from the original daily comic strips re-sized and reprinted for the first time.

JB007 00These black & white comic strips took place in the 1970s during the time of the Cold War between Western Powers and USSR.  The stories globe-trot around London, Europe and the Middle East as James Bond fights KGB agents, terrorists and the return of the infamous Dr. No.

JB007 01What’s not out of date is the artwork by Yaroslav Horak.  I’m just totally amazed, because if you think about it, this was published daily in the newspaper and you only have 2-3 panels to tell the story, add depth to characters and show action.  Aficionados of old school 1970s comic strips, Cold War spy geeks or James Bond fans will enjoy a good yarn reading these comic-strip tales.


Trade Paperback:  The James Bond Omnibus Vol. 005

Adapted:  Jim Lawrence

Art:  Yaroslav Norak

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $19.95USD

Available:  Now

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