Custom LEGO Star Wars Battlefront Diorama

legobattleofrhenvar00A popular Star Wars campaign took place on the icy planet of Rhen Var.  Known as the Battle of Rhen Var, LEGO custom builder Markus builds an awesome recreation of the Rebel base with fighters in action and Imperial troopers on the attack.  The detailed diorama features LED lights, a command center & hangar bays with X-Wings, Y-Wings and Landspeeders.  It was a 10-month build with over 250,000 LEGO bricks and 250 minifigs.

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LEGO The Batboat Harbor Pursuit 76034

legobatboatIf you’re on a LEGO budget like me, then I find myself liking this LEGO DC Comics The Batboat Harbor Pursuit 76034.  Recently I wanted to get some type of LEGO Age of Ultron product, so I settled for The Hulk Buster Smash 76031, which to me had all the mini-figs I wanted.  The Batboat is an okay build, but I like 3 minifigs in this set:  Batman, Robin and Deathstroke.

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10244 LEGO Fairground Mixer


At the recent Sydney Brick Show (April 24-27, 2014) in Australia, LEGO announced a new release the LEGO 10244 Fairground Mixer.  If you like county fairs and like to build LEGO cities, this is another wonderful LEGO addition.  The Fairground Mixer will cost around $150 bucks and look for a June 2014 release date.

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Minimate Star Trek Enterprise


If you are feeling nostalgic over the original Star Trek, then you might want to to pick-up this Diamond Select Toys Minimate Star Trek Enterprise with Captain Kirk figure.

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