Interstellar – Limited Edition 2-Pack

interstellaractionfigures00Either you love Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar space epic or hate it with a passion, here’s something you can kind of like, the NECA Limited Edition Action Figure 2-Pack.  It may not have the Hot Toys bling, but if you’re on a budget, it’s a nice 2-pack for display.  The Brand and Cooper figures stand 8″ tall with articulation.  The action figures come various accessories and with sculpted likeness of actors Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway.


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NECA Aliens Ellen Ripley

necaaliensripleyfigureALIENS fans looking for that kick-ass Ellen Ripley action figure should take at look at this Toys’R’Us Exclusive – the NECA Aliens Lt. Ellen Ripley figure.  The action figure stands 7″ tall and features 25 points of articulation.

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NECA Ultimate Dante 7″ Action Figure

danteactionfigurecoverIf you’re a fan of Capcom’s Devil May Cry series, you might want to pick up this 7″ Ulitmate Dante action figure.  And if you’re on a budget, this figure is around $30.00 bucks.  The 7″ Ultimate Dante does have a limited production run from NECA.

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NECA Robocop ED-209

robocop 00One cool action figure or robot I should say to get this year is the limited run Robocop ED-209 by NECA.  This action figure is from the original Robocop 1987 film.  We ’80s kids should remember this kick-ass flick.

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NECA Robocop Toys’R’Us Exclusive

Bad@$$ 80’s action star icon Robocop gets a Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive form by NECA.  This 7″ action figure glows in the dark and retails for $15.99USD.  You can also find it online at Toys ‘R’

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