NECA Robocop ED-209

robocop 00One cool action figure or robot I should say to get this year is the limited run Robocop ED-209 by NECA.  This action figure is from the original Robocop 1987 film.  We ’80s kids should remember this kick-ass flick.

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Medicom Be@rBricks Series 27

bearbricksMedicom looks to make a splash this December with their Series 27 release of BE@RBRICKS!  There will 24 figures to make up this Series 27 set.  Already on the Medicom website, 11 figures have been revealed and the likes of Robocop, Tigermask, and Attack on Titan will be part of this set.

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NECA Robocop Toys’R’Us Exclusive

Bad@$$ 80’s action star icon Robocop gets a Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive form by NECA.  This 7″ action figure glows in the dark and retails for $15.99USD.  You can also find it online at Toys ‘R’

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