Drink: Ghostbuster’s Ecto-Cooler

ectocoolerdrinkSay what you want about Sony’s new flick Ghostbusters, but something else is back that might be a lot cooler!  The drink company Hi-C has brought back the slimey yummy drink Ecto-Cooler from 1987.

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Orange by Takano Ichigo

We only ever regret the things we do not do in life. For Takamiya Naho, the sixteen year old heroine of  the manga Orange by Takano Ichigo, regrets have plagued her since she started high school. She receives a letter from herself, ten years in the future. Her future self repeatedly wrote in her letters that she has had many regrets in her life and hopes that her sixteen year old self would not make the same mistakes. Naho falls in love with a classmate named Naruse Kakeru in the present, but in the future he is no longer alive. The future Naho asks her past self to watch over him and to always treasure loved ones or we will end up hating ourselves for the rest of our lives.

This manga is about love, regrets, and if given a second chance to change our past mistakes, would we ever take that chance? Fate can be cruel but only we can change it.

— Contributed by Karen Jang

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