Lenore: Pink Bellies

Titan-LenorePinkBellies_coverShe is not Eternity Comics’ sexy Lady Death or Vertigo Comics’ hipster Death, but she’s the cute little dead girl Lenore, created the wildly imaginative Roman Dirge.  This is the latest Titan Comic’s trade release of issues #8-11 entitled Lenore:  Pink Bellies.

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Lenore: Purple Nurples

lenore purple nurplesFrom the wacky mind of Roman Dirge comes the popular and kawaii (cute) living-dead girl Lenore.  This hardbound Volume 5 book collects issues #4 to #7 in full color with bonus art gallery.

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Titan Books: Lenore – Swirlies

lenoreswirliesWhen I was passed Swirlies, a collection of Lenore comics by Roman Dirge, I was thrown into a nostalgic memory of years past. I was introduced to Lenore by a friend 10 years ago and I was quite captivated by the cute undead girl with her various quirks and morbid humor. Before I even opened the book, I was a little worried about how I would find the comic now. Oftentimes our present selves become disappointed with items of our past, outgrowing material we had cherished due to changing tastes or even just due to age. I remember the last time I cleaned up around the house, I found a stack of old comic books that, upon reading, I discovered that I no longer found them funny or interesting. I was quite saddened as I realized that they didn’t mean anything to me now other than childhood memories so I passed them off to someone younger who would appreciate them.

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