Lenore: Purple Nurples

lenore purple nurplesFrom the wacky mind of Roman Dirge comes the popular and kawaii (cute) living-dead girl Lenore.  This hardbound Volume 5 book collects issues #4 to #7 in full color with bonus art gallery.

lenore 00All Lenore wants to do is eat her doughnut and draw on her coloring book, but Ragamuffin spoils the day by predicting another bizarre adventure is about to happen in their mist.  When Muffin Monster drops by the house with a bacon wrap hot dog in his hands and a warning for Lenore not to eat it, Lenore decides to eat the yummy bacon hot dog anyways.  With the pork in Lenore’s tummy, all hell breaks loose as the mysterious death monster Creepig Creeping comes to bring death on Lenore and her friends.  Will Lenore and friends survive this monster pig?

lenore 01My guess is that Mr. Dirge is warning us, if we eat too much guilty goodness bacon (pork) death is upon us!  If you like dark humor and not-so mainstream pop-stories, then Lenore brings it.  I had a laugh-out riot moment when one of the page panels had Lenore mistakenly eating a living pork chop monster and then she had to poop it out.  So will Lenore and friends survive this monster pig?  Well, pick up Purple Nurples and find out!

lenore 02Also if you like this story arc, then check out the other various collected Lenore adventures @ Titan Books – Roman Dirge – Lenore.


Hardbound Graphic Novel:  Lenore – Purple Nurples (Vol. 5)

Author/Artist:  Roman Dirge

Publisher:  Titan Books

MSRP:  $17.95USD

Available:  August 23, 2013


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