Xing Panda Cases

Cute Panda-style cases from Xing.  These cases are not just adorable but uses drop resistant silicone shell.  Plus the Panda eyes and ears on top of the case is just too cute.  The Panda cases are compatible with iPhone 4/4S/5, Blackberry 9350/9360/9370, and Galaxy S3.  The prices range from $15.00USD to $30.00USD.  Okay, I have to stop writing the word cute for today.

Buy it @ – Xing Panda Cases.

6 Fresh Gadgets for 2012

Dear Santa,

I’ve been naughty and nice this year, but I think I deserve some gadget love.  Don’t you Santa?  Wait, can you believe it’s October already?  Well, to give you some ideas of what to get me, here’s a Yahoo Tech list of the Top 6 sleekest gadgets of 2012:

1.  Samsung T27B750 HD Monitor, MSRP:  $549.99USD

2.  Nike+ Training TR1+ Lunar Footwear, MSRP:  $220USD and up

3.  Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse, MSRP:  $129.99USD

4.  A2B Velociti Electric Bike, MSRP:  $2,300USD

5.  Philips Fidelio SoundSphere Mini Wireless Speaker System, MSRP:  $499.99USD

6.  LG LFX31945ST Door-in-Door Refrigerator, MSRP:  $3,499.99USD

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Smaller iPad Screen

We really shouldn’t be spreading rumors but what the heck, some things in life are too good not to share. There are reports coming out that Apple is planning on producing a smaller iPad with a 7 to 8 inch screen. Even though the bigger iPad screen is great for surfing the net, the smaller screen will be perfect for the public transit commuter like me. With one hand on the rail bar and one hand on a smaller iPad – now they have to figure out how I can surf with just one thumb because I’m not taking that hand off the rail. Have you seen how some bus drivers drive around lately?

Check out the Bloomberg article:  iPad with Smaller Screen.

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