Solid Gray “Bass Pack”

Solid Gray Boom

Did you ever get that feeling that when you first discover a great song track and you just want to share it with everybody? Well, strap one of these backpacks on and let the world know what you’re listening to – just be careful with annoying the people around you because you’re playing the music too loud. The design was a collaborative effort with Portland’s wonderfully imaginative portable sound system makers Case of Bass and the progressive backpack company Solid Gray. The backpack is still in the works and should be coming out in the next few months – you can see more pics of the backpack on Case of Bass’ blog here.

For more product info, go to:  Solid Gray.

Mikros 70 Headphones

Now your MP3 player will sound awesome!

MartinLogan is introducing their first pair of headphones ever. I love their electrostatic speakers and can’t wait to try these out. According to the specs, the Mikros 70 body is constructed from black anodized solid aluminum – that’s probably why it’s at a modest $149 retail price.

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DIY Crystal cMoy Headphone Amp

This is actually a headphone amplifier and it works just like an amplifier for your speaker. Audiophiles swear by it and, once you listen to one, you might also become a believer. This is a very clever design and its beautifully simple. Unfortunately, this is a concept product and is not yet for sale. The site does provide a schematic for those who are handy DIYers.

For more info check out:  Instructables – Crystal cMoy Free Form Headphone Amplifier.

Turn Soda Cans into Speakers

You just finished drinking your can of beer.  Instead of crushing it and throwing it away, why don’t you turn the empty can into a speaker?  Trash Amps uses old soda and beer cans as portable speakers.

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