Bike Baron is my new Addiction

bike baronOkay, I admit that I was hooked on Candy Crush Saga these past couple of months and became vain trying to get top scores!   I’ll stop now and delete it from my iPhone.  Now a new game I’m looking at is Bike Baron.

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Bring the Boom with the iHome iP4

boombox time

The 1980s are back with these iHome iP4 FM stereo boombox for your Apple iPhone or iPod.

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Apple Icon Steve Jobs starring in a Manga


The Internet been buzzing about this new manga project by Japanese artist Mari Yamazaki (“Thermae Romae”).  The Japanese magazine “Kiss” will delivered the first chapter of this Steve Jobs fantasy driven biopic.  It’s too bad I can’t read Kanji characters!  I need a translator.

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Recyclable Headphones: Hoomia Bon 5

Are you still on the green tech kick for 2012?  How about environmentally friendly headphones using bamboo and recyclable?  Taiwanese company Hoomia launches these nifty Bon 5 series headphones.

MSRP:  $38.00USD

Source:  Dzone – Hoomia Bon 5.


Klipsch Image S4i Rugged

Klipsch is re-introducing their s4i line by making it more durable and giving it some colors.  There are lots of color to choose from (I actually like the burgundy ones). They are also waterproofing it which is great for any outdoor sporting activities.

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Mikros 70 Headphones

Now your MP3 player will sound awesome!

MartinLogan is introducing their first pair of headphones ever. I love their electrostatic speakers and can’t wait to try these out. According to the specs, the Mikros 70 body is constructed from black anodized solid aluminum – that’s probably why it’s at a modest $149 retail price.

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Sol Republic Tracks

Are you looking for nifty headphones on a budget with good audio quality?  DJ Steve Aoki likes using Sol Republic Tracks.  The Beats alternative.

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